Privacy, tech, Merica!

The Adomain current list of Podcasts.. they change periodically. This is just a list of twitter handles.

@badvoltage @TimFerrissShow @gosuperhuman @jupitersignal – for all things linux. @andygrammer – Good Parts Podcast @SOFREPRadio @BKactualPodcast @noagneda @THErealDVORAK and @adamcurry – NoAgenda Podcast @IntelTechniques – Privacy, Security, OSINT podcast @MRitland – Mike Drop Podcast @jockowillink @AndyStumpf77 – Cleared Hot Podcast @TeamRWB – Eagle Nation Podcast

There are some others I'm testing out but i'm not loyal to them yet so they aren't being listed.. Hope you find something you like.

First Post

So I have some opinions. They probably won't be popular. But I will be honest, and accept proven facts.. stressing the word proven.

I am conservative I am an x-warrior I am a person of faith I am a father and husband and I am a geek.

So enjoy the ride.